S\TEC Group, Inc

S\TEC Group, Inc. (STEC) is the parent company to the following wholly owned active subsidiaries:

Superior Engineering, llc SEMAC, llc
J.R. Johnson Engineering, llc

Superior Engineering, LLC Superior Engineering - Illinois, LLC SEMAC, LLC J.R. Johnson Engineering, LLC S\TEC Group Real Estate Holdings, LLC

STEC provides the Administrative Services, Accounting/Financial, Legal, Human Resources, IT and Safety to all subsidiaries. 

STEC’s goal is to pursue opportunities to grow by acquisition, strengthening our portfolio while providing key business services to the LLCs.  As an ESOP since 1990, it is important to keep the shareholders' (our employees’) best interest at the forefront, maximizing share value and fostering an inviting work environment.

Our Mission is to provide a working environment that promotes growth across all organizations.

Our Vision is to grow our internal capabilities, our share value, and the professional development of our employees.  To accomplish this, STEC is committed to providing the tools to each organization to optimize operations, develop employees, and drive profitability. 

Safety is held in the highest regard and all our organizations are expected to follow mandated regulations and governing codes and standards with each project.  We work along side with our clients to meet all their safety requirements. 

We explore ways to protect our environment in any work that our organizations pursue. When we identify ways to improve processes that minimize waste and pollution, we develop solutions with the environment in mind

We encourage each organization to develop a Quality policy fitting for their business. Quality is integrated in all projects, maintaining the highest standards resulting in excellent outcomes for the client.

Meet the core team strategically driving the business:

Board of Directors
William C. Hills Thomas J. Gyure William J. Heuer

STEC Management Team
William C. Hills
CEO & President
Mary K. Stradinger
Sherry S. Iliovici
Corporate Human Resource/IT  Manager


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